To renew CRRN certification, you must meet the following requirements at the time of application:

  • 拥有当前的不受限制的RN许可证
  • Complete 1000 hours of 康复护理 experience within your 5年认证期
  • 完成至少60分的信用,满足 发布的标准 在你的5年认证期内(points of credit MUST be completed within the 5年认证期, 被选为审核后不会)

If you already have completed your 60 Points of Credit, you are ready to 完成您的在线续签申请.


程序 政策及程序 是否可供您参考.


每个类别都有特定的标准. 一定要复习 完整的需求 在提交续期申请之前.


One contact hour (60 minutes) is equal to 1 point of credit. 在继续教育方面, two-thirds must be 批准 for nursing contact hours by a 国家 or 状态 nursing organizations. 所有的联络时间必须是 与康复护理实践相关. Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) programs and programs intended to meet mandatory annual review requirements (e.g., CPR, bloodborne pathogens, fire and safety) may not be used toward CRRN renewal. Up to 60 points of credit will be accepted in this category.

演讲 of 康复护理 content to nurses and other healthcare professionals

资格, the presentation must be delivered within a structured framework of teaching and learning for which 国家或州护理机构认可 联系时间已被授予. The following are acceptable activities and their point values:


Two points for each nursing-批准 contact hour awarded to attendees.


Two points for each original paper or case study presentation



A maximum of 12 points will be accepted in this category.


学术课程 is defined as work for which one receives academic credit at the graduate or undergraduate level that is 康复护理相关. 一个学分相当于4个学分.g. 3学时的课程值12分). A maximum of 48 points will be accepted in this category.


出版:原作的出版或接受 康复机构做志愿者 manuscript in a professional journal or as a chapter in a text for healthcare professionals. 你的名字必须作为作者发表才有资格. 一份出版物价值12个学分. A maximum of 36 points will be accepted in this category.


志愿者 activities in which you participate that are intended to educate the public, improve the quality of life for physically disabled or chronically ill people, 或完善专业实践 康复护理. Activities for which you receive payment for your services in excess of $75 or activities that are considered part of your employment are not acceptable community service activities. 此类别最多可获10分.

The following are acceptable activities and their point values:


文章或章节文本的出版 on a healthcare-related topic in a general interest or consumer publication. 每篇原创稿件加2分


演讲 of a healthcare-related topic to a public audience in a formal setting. 每一份原创报告加1分.


当地志愿者的领导能力, 状态, 区域, 国家, 或国际专业医疗机构. 资格, you must have served as an officer or board member for at least 1 year. 每一项领导活动加1分. If serving a multi-year term, you may not receive credit for each year served.


Serving in a formally-appointed capacity to review the original work of others as a content expert such as on an editorial board, 研究或项目资助申请审查委员会, 继续教育审批单位评审小组, or abstract review committee for a term of 1 year will be award 2 points.



全国护理机构: an association or other organization focused on one or more aspects of nursing which operates on the 国家 level in the US. Most groups that meet this definition will refer to nursing in their names. Interdisciplinary organizations do not meet this definition.
国家护理机构: a 状态 board of nursing, 状态 licensing body for nurses, or 状态 nursing association. Local chapters of 国家 nursing organizations do not meet this definition.

继续教育 activities are considered nursing-批准 if they fall into one of the following categories.

  • The activity was provided by a 国家 or 状态 nursing organization.
  • The activity was 批准 by a 国家 or 状态 nursing organization.
  • The activity was provided by an organization accredited to provide nursing continuing education contact hours by a 国家 or 状态 nursing organization.

Most organizations that meet our definition of a nursing organization have the word “nurse” or “nursing” in their name.

程序s that are designed to meet the continuing education requirements of a board of nursing but are not specifically provided, 批准, or accredited by a 国家 or 状态 nursing organization are not considered nursing-批准.



Rehabilitation nursing is a specialty practice area within the scope of professional nursing. It involves the diagnosis and treatment of human responses of individuals and groups to actual or potential health problems resulting from altered functional ability and altered lifestyle.

The goal of 康复护理 is to assist individuals with disabilities 以及慢性疾病 in the restoration, 维护, 促进最佳健康. The rehabilitation nurse is skilled at treating alterations in functional ability and lifestyle resulting from injury, 残疾, 以及慢性疾病.

康复护士提供安慰, 治疗和教育, 促进有益健康的调整, 支持自适应能力, 促进可实现的独立性. 康复护士提供全面的, 全面的, 以及富有同情心的临终关怀, 包括促进舒适和减轻疼痛.

而是内容, 而不是标题, 提供者, 或审批人, that determines whether an activity is 康复护理相关. Activities do not need to be offered or 批准 by ARN to be considered 康复护理相关. 



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