ARN Research

The purpose of ARN Research is to promote and support the conduction of research and program evaluation studies that exhibit methodological rigor and are important to rehabilitation nursing; the dissemination and translation of research and program evaluation findings into practice, education, and policy; continuous quality improvement projects that impact the specialty and practice of rehabilitation nursing; and educational venues that focus on the development and translation of science, program evaluation, and quality improvement in varied populations and settings important to the rehabilitation nursing community.

Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation

The Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation (RNF) is dedicated to advancing rehabilitation nursing practice by promoting, developing, and/or engaging in educational activities and scientific research to improve the quality of health care to individuals with a disability or chronic illness.

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Research Grant Opportunities

This year, ARN will hold a call for three different grants. 

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Research Agenda

The ARN Research Committee most recently revised the Research Agenda in 2019.

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